Yes I am Writing A Book (YIaWAB) is the creative documentation of a close collaboration between the editor Andrea Scarabelli and graphic designer Federico Barbon. Based in Milan, YIaWAB is devoted to graphic design, artist’s books, unconventional writing and quality printing. The selection of our collaborations is extremely personal, influenced by our own tastes and artistic research. Our goal is to work with a broad spectrum of artists, that still believe in the importance of paper as a material and in the enduring power of books. Our books are dedicated to artists, exploring character, surroundings, everyday life, inspirations and ideas, using unconventional formats to create an understanding of the artist’s work with an innovative visual approach. The focus is to capture the essence of the artist’s work at that very moment of our collaboration, suggesting as well an overview of his/her whole artistic sphere.YIaWAB is distributed in Europe and United States in selected bookshops and attends to art press fairs and public events. But of course, wherever you are, you can get hold of our books online.

Editorial studio

YIaWAB also works as a freelance editorial studio. We offer to our client services such has editing, translations, graphic design and more. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us